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HVAC Maintenance Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know

Have your utility bills seemed a bit too high lately? If so, that’s a solid indicator that your HVAC unit isn’t performing as well as it should.

Here’s the thing about HVAC systems: they’re complex beasts. If there’s an issue with it, you should deal with it right away. And even if everything seems fine right now, you need to take steps for it to stay that way.

Want to avoid paying for furnace repair services in the near future? Start by taking note of these five HVAC maintenance tips!

Replace Dirty Air Filters

We’ll start with the obvious one: replacing the filters when they get dirty. In general, you should do so every 90 days. That said, if you’re dealing with more contaminants (like pet dander), you’ll need to do it more often.

To figure out whether your filter needs replacing, take it out and hold it in front of a light. If the filter doesn’t let the light through, clean it or replace it. Keep in mind that worn-out filters can be a fire hazard as well.

Clean Outdoor Equipment Frequently

To avoid needless air conditioning repair, be proactive with cleaning your unit. Outdoor equipment, in particular, requires regular care. That involves your AC condenser unit, the outdoor part of the heat pump, and so on.

Before you get to cleaning, switch off the power to the outdoor unit. Brush away any debris you see, particularly on and around the vents. Keep the two-foot area of the unit clear of any bushes, shrubs, and branches.

Clean the Condensate Drain Annually

The indoor part of your HVAC system is more resistant to debris, but it will need some TLC from time to time. That’s particularly important for your AC’s condensate drain, which can get clogged up and cause water buildup.

To clean the drain, switch off your AC unit and detach the drain line. Check the owner’s manual to learn how to do so safely. Pour a cup of bleach into the drain to get rid of organic impurities and re-attach the line.

Check Your Insulation

Your insulation is a cornerstone of regular HVAC maintenance. If the insulation is lacking, even the best HVAC units will struggle to keep up. Poor insulation is also a key reason why 29% of our utility bills go to heating.

You can see whether your home has sufficient insulation by checking its R-Value. If your R-Value is within the adequate range for your climate zone, your HVAC unit will be fine. Otherwise, consider an insulation upgrade.

Get a Professional Checkup

Even with everything you can do yourself, nothing can replace professional expertise. Ideally, you’d have an HVAC contractor inspect your system twice a year. It’s best to do so for the switch from AC to heat and vice versa.

During these checks, the technician will perform various tasks that aren’t suited for DIY projects. These include checking electrical connections, inspecting capacitors, and more.

This Is How to Avoid Furnace Repair Bills

There are many ways to care for your HVAC unit, but preventative maintenance is still the best option. As long as you follow the above guide, you can expect your unit to work as intended for a long time!

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