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Signs of Particulate Matter Buildup Indoors

particulate matter in Pittsburgh, PA
particulate matter in Pittsburgh, PA

In homes and other indoor environments, few pollutants are more ubiquitous — and concerning — than particulate matter. Fortunately, a few common signs and symptoms may help homeowners in Pittsburgh, PA identify and address particle matter before it reaches potentially dangerous levels.

Excessive Accumulation of Dust and Dirt

Particulate matter is a complex mixture of substances containing particles of many different sizes. While most of these particles are effectively invisible, others are large enough to see with the naked eye. They often float through the air or accumulate on exposed surfaces but can also build up inside your HVAC system. In particular, watch for dirty air vents and filters that need to be cleaned or replaced more frequently than usual.

Increasing Discomfort and Ill Health

Prolonged exposure to particle pollution has been associated with a litany of chronic illnesses, but even short-term exposure can trigger adverse reactions. People with asthma, allergies or respiratory problems may be especially susceptible to ill effects. Common symptoms of particulate matter exposure include fatigue, nausea, headache, confusion, difficulty breathing, insomnia and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. These symptoms typically only appear after spending time inside the affected space and usually resolve quickly after leaving.

Offensive Odors That Won’t Go Away

No matter how obsessively you clean your indoor space, it’s not unusual to get a whiff of something foul on occasion. If the smell is frequent, persistent or especially strong, however, there may be a deeper problem. Depending on its makeup and concentration, particulate matter can produce odors ranging from stale and damp to downright stomach-churning. These smells often have no discernible source and may spread from room to room or linger for long periods of time.

If you’re concerned about particle pollution in your home or workplace, Denillo Heating & Cooling can help. Call today to schedule an in-home assessment and discuss which indoor air quality products may work best for you.

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