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How Often Should Your Gas Furnace Be Serviced to Prevent Problems?

How Often Should Your Gas Furnace Should Be Serviced To Prevent Problems
How Often Should Your Gas Furnace Should Be Serviced To Prevent Problems

If your home has a furnace to keep it warm, getting it serviced is vital to keeping it in good working order. According to some statistics, approximately 35 million American homes are heated by forced air furnaces. 

When it comes to furnace repair and maintenance, how often should you have it serviced?

This guide has some information to help you prevent gas furnace problems, so read on to learn more.

A Clean Furnace is Safer

Keeping your furnace clean can help you avoid having to pay for expensive furnace repair costs later on. Make sure you hire an experienced HVAC contractor to help perform regular annual cleanings.

Soot buildup leads to serious problems later, but proper cleaning may help to prevent these issues. It’s also important to check the filter and change it regularly as needed. Make sure you change the filter per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The heat exchanger, vents, safety switches, burners, flame sensor, igniter, and other parts should be inspected and cleaned. Scheduling cleanings are a great way to identify problems early. This ensures you’ll get the furnace repair services you need early to prevent breakdowns in the winter.

Furnace Repair Versus Maintenance

Getting your furnace serviced once a year should cost you a lot less than if you need repairs. Ideally, you should have your home’s furnace serviced in early fall before winter arrives.

When you set up a regular service or maintenance plan, you can usually avoid serious breakdowns. Inspections, cleanings, and other services will ensure that your system runs smoothly all winter long.

It costs a lot more to repair a gas furnace than it does to pay for annual maintenance. Schedule an inspection of your furnace in early fall to keep more costly problems from arising.

Gas Furnace Care Tips

Another way to prevent furnace repair is to make sure you’re insulating your home. This includes wrapping the plumbing pipes throughout your home to keep them from freezing.

Make sure that your HVAC contractor shows you how to calibrate the thermostat. It’s also a good time to clean it off to prevent dust buildup. Too much dust could affect the true indoor temperature reading.

Check and clean the air ducts in your home to improve airflow in the home. If you change the filter, keep your system clean, and insulate pipes, you have a much better chance of avoiding paying for furnace repair services later. Combine this with an annual inspection, and you should have peace of mind all winter. 

Take Care of Your Furnace

Ideally, you should have your furnace serviced once a year to avoid furnace repair. With the right maintenance and care, your gas furnace will keep your home nice and warm through the fall and winter months.

If you’re looking for a reliable HVAC contractor in the Pittsburgh area, contact the team at Denillo Heating & Cooling today!

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