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Get Your Air Conditioning Ready for Summer with Denillo Heating & Cooling

Hvac Repair (16)
Hvac Repair (16)

As the summer season approaches in Bethel Park, PA, ensuring that your air conditioning system is in prime working condition is crucial for enjoying a comfortable indoor environment. At Denillo Heating & Cooling Inc., we specialize in providing top-tier air conditioning repair, furnace repair, and comprehensive HVAC services. Here are some expert tips to help you prepare your air conditioning system for the upcoming warm months.

1. Schedule Professional Maintenance

The cornerstone of a reliable air conditioning system is regular maintenance. Before the heat hits its peak, it’s wise to have your system checked by professional HVAC contractors. At Denillo Heating & Cooling Inc., we offer thorough inspections and tune-ups that cover everything from checking your system’s refrigerant levels to ensuring that all electrical components are functioning correctly.

2. Change or Clean Air Filters

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to enhance your AC’s efficiency is by replacing or cleaning its air filters. A clogged filter restricts airflow, forcing your system to work harder, which can lead to increased energy costs and reduced lifespan of the unit. For optimal performance, filters should be changed every 30 to 90 days, depending on usage and type.

3. Check Your Thermostat

Ensure your thermostat is working correctly and efficiently. If you’re still using an old manual thermostat, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat. This allows you to better control your home’s temperature and may result in lower energy bills. Smart thermostats can be programmed to reduce cooling when nobody is home and to cool the house just before you return.

4. Inspect Ductwork for Leaks

Leaky ductwork can lead to significant losses in efficiency. Our technicians can inspect your ductwork for any signs of leaks and provide duct sealing services. This prevents cooled air from escaping, ensuring that your system is as efficient as possible, which in turn conserves energy and reduces costs.

5. Clear the Area Around the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner needs ample space to function effectively. Remove any debris, leaves, or overgrowth that might block airflow to the unit. A general rule is to keep at least a 2-foot clearance around the unit to ensure it operates efficiently.

6. Consider an Energy-Efficient Upgrade

If your air conditioner is older and frequently needs repairs, it might be time to consider an upgrade. New energy-efficient models can significantly reduce your energy consumption and provide better cooling. As a Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer and Mitsubishi Preferred Diamond Dealer, Denillo Heating & Cooling Inc. offers a range of modern, energy-efficient options that fit your needs and budget.

Ready for a Cool Summer?

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your air conditioning system ready for summer. Contact Denillo Heating & Cooling Inc. today to schedule your maintenance appointment or to discuss upgrades to more energy-efficient models. Ensure your comfort all summer long with our dependable, expert services. Book your pre-summer AC tune-up now! Call us today at 412-885-2356 to ensure your air conditioning system is in perfect shape for the hot months ahead.

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